1. Caraway in my cheesecake crust? Yes, please! Thanks @richtable for my first moment to sit down and relax in a week. (at Rich Table)

  2. "For those of you that feel a restaurant is only as good as it is "authentic", owner Charles Bililies has enough thick, dark hair on his head to unquestionably verify his Greek-American status. Meanwhile, his pita sammies… are thoughtfully San Francisco." Love it!

  3. EPIC. Cheers, Souvla! (at House of Prime Rib)

  4. Pre-Opening celebration! Bring on the Prime Rib! (at House of Prime Rib)

  5. Cooking dinner in California. Tomatoes are in season at the Ferry Building! (at Home)

  6. So proud of my man… Going through comment cards, and I agree, he’s a Greek god (at Souvla SF)

  7. Greeks have the best priest garb. So honored to have Met. Gerasimos, Fr. Apostolos and Fr. Kyriacou bless Souvla in a traditional Agiasmos with herbs and holy water. (at Souvla SF)

  8. @jolielaidewine always has the prettiest labels. Thank you, Scotty! (at Souvla SF)

  9. One of my favorite pics from last night. Charles pouring for the staff toast @souvlasf.(regram from @mme_glass) (at Souvla SF)

  10. You know you’re a VIP when there’s a barstool with your name on it… (at Souvla SF)

  11. Incredible edibles… 3-ft tall flowering bean stalks. Thank you @jacobsenorchard! They’re gorgeous! (at Souvla SF)

  12. Greens for days… Bay leaf, olive, thyme, eucalyptus… I have died and gone to flower market heaven (Regram from @souvlasf) (at SF Flower Mart)

  13. Let the champagne inspection begin! Thank you @christiedufault @jorgrama for the beautiful bottle. Opa! (at Souvla SF)

  14. Olive trees, check! Thank you to the incredible @farmert for the gorgeous greenery! (Regram from @souvlasf) (at Souvla SF)

  15. Olive trees, check! Thank you to the wonderful @farmertucker for the gorgeous greenery. (Regram from @souvlasf.) (at Souvla SF)