1. All I want for Christmas is a road trip around the country to eat at every restaurant in America’s Greatest New Cooks.

    Last night, Food & Wine's beloved editor-in-chief Dana Cowin hosted a beautiful dinner at the super-cool City Grit space (think old-timey Americana in a former SoHo Catholic elementary school-turned denim shop and culinary salon) to celebrate the publication of my favorite new book of the season: a one-two punch of photo profiles of 12 great American bakers and their favorite home-style recipes. Some chefs included are the usual suspects: Justin Smillie of il Buco Alementari, the wonderful Nick Balla of San Francisco's Bar Tartine, and Alex Stupak of Empellon Cocina. But the F&W editors have also uncovered some gems that you might not yet know about, including Sarah Simmons of City Grit (who they discovered through a home cook reader submission recipe contest) and Nico and Amelia of the adorable Market Restaurant on Lobster Cove in Massachusetts (closed for the season and for the couple’s wedding!).

    My favorite discovery of the night was the husband-and-wife team of Vermont’s elegant Vergennes Laundry. Their sourdough was outstanding. In a moment that was truly a gift, I inspected it, sniffed it, pulled it apart, and ate it with Tartine Bakery’s Chad Robertson — widely renowned as the best baker in America — who declared it “delicious.” Here at tumblr HQ, we are currently attacking one of last night’s leftover loaves with a jar of Nutella.

    You can follow some of these folks on tumblr: Food&Wine, Sarah Simmons, The Market Restaurant.

    Photos from my Instagram and the beautiful portrait by none other than the wonderful Edible Selby.

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    All I want for Christmas is a road trip around the country to eat at every restaurant in America’s Greatest New Cooks....
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