1. Huge congratulations to four Tumblr bloggers selected by Food & Wine Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Dana Cowin, to travel to Aspen this weekend to attend and photograph the magazine’s signature event for their Tumblr. Tickets to the coveted Food & Wine Classic are capped at 5,000 and press tickets are limited to a small group of traditional journalists. This year, you’ll be able to see the classic through the lenses of your beloved Alice Gao, Noah Kalina, Chis Ozer and Nicole Franzen.

    Dana told Ad Week, “This event has been covered by journalists forever,” she said of the Classic. “But we’ve never had that insider, more personal, artistic point of view. We’re giving the bloggers access to everything. It’s really to have them showcase their point of view.” I can’t wait to see what they capture.

    Read the full article here at AdWeek. 

    And FOLLOW ALONG ALL WEEKEND at foodandwinephotos.tumblr.com.

    This, my friends, is why I love my job SO VERY MUCH.

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